We teach awesome humans (like you) to leverage your creative genius into your everyday work

by building a thriving business that generates consistent income without going broke or struggling through the overwhelming process alone. Our community surrounds you with other creative beings who have your back as you journey toward success!


Thriv Community is...

a real place to inspire and to be inspired,
while crushing the starving artist myth.

We've all heard of the starving artist myth. Yes? Whether you are an artist, a musician, a fashion designer, a chef, an architect, a house painter, a seamstress, or a creator of any type, I can guess that you have said or thought about the 'starving artist'. And I bet that thought has held you back, or stopped you from making a big move, or creating a beautiful thing. No one wants to be a starving artist. It’s become a very well known myth that feeds all types of limiting beliefs for Creatives. The upside is there are documented articles everywhere you look with stats confirming the trend of Creatives making more income with their craft now than ever before.

So if the income from creativity is on the rise, why even touch on the Starving Artist Myth? Well....the answer is easy for me. The myth is so much more than income and paying the bills and giving up luxury to follow a creative career. It's bigger than all that. I believe that this looming myth is still wreaking havoc on the minds of my creative people. And I won't stand for that. Not today, not anymore.

THAT is why we started our Thriv Community.  Thriv is a community cultivated by Creatives for Creatives, and our mission is to crush all these limiting beliefs, to support each other, and to provide a framework for creative business building success.

Learn how you can become a member of Thriv Community today! >>>

thriv talk podcast with jenn ocken

ThrivTALK is a podcast by Creatives, for Creatives. Join accountability partners Doug and Thriv founder, Jenn as they talk about life, business, and the pursuit of creative freedom.

The 3 Secrets to Creative Freedom

Quickly build a consistent income with your art
& gain the visibility you deserve.

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#1: Learn to how to build a strong brand and business foundation without feeling like a sell out!

#2: Understand your value, set your pricing, and learn to SELL your art without the fear of judgment and rejection.

#3: Implement my number one goal setting hack that will help you hone in on your one big vision and hold you accountable for crushing it ahead of schedule!

After years of running my own photography business and working with dozens of interns to launch their businesses when they were ready to fly free on their own, it became crystal clear to me that their success was my success - and that I had the responsibility to take this framework we had created to launch these beautiful Creatives into successful careers and offer it to the creative community everywhere.

It was clear that I was called to serve many more Creatives than I could serve in my own studio. My initial plan was to create an online course that could teach my framework to everyone, no matter who or where they were. But we've snowballed that original idea into a full blown online membership community.

Now let me show you how to execute on these 3 secrets and build the creative career of your dreams. Learn more about becoming a member of Thriv Community here >>>

WE ARE CREATING A MOVEMENT FOR CREATIVES LIKE US. Folks, together, we’re gonna crush the starving artist myth.

Our growing community consists of brilliant, weird, genius, and beautiful creative minded individuals just like you! If you are looking to be inspired, build friendships, learn business strategies and break free from the mold... join our free Facebook group!